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Re: The Unknown Game

On Mon, 24 Aug 1998, Dennis Payne wrote:

> When the game
> starts it loads the modules and asks what objects it defines and how to
> create them. 
Interesting, think I could have a look at your code?
> I can't check your code out right now but I was wondering how you avoided
> C++ name mangling. 
Actually, I had forgotten about that:)

> I'm also suggest adding a prefix to your functions
> since there is a well known posix function by the name of kill.  My guess
> is that you aren't really calling the correct function. 
Yup, it was grabbing the wrong function.  I changed the name to killf(),
and did an nm on the lib to pluck EXACTLY what C++ was turning the name
into.  I now know that function is being run, but I still get coredumps
when I try to access the data...  Welp, 'tis progress nonetheless.
Thanks,  TTYL!

Paul Anderson
"This is Maurice, our sheep-hearding carrot."