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sound worries

hello people,

           i`m underway writing 2 games at the moment... a tron based
game (for a laugh) and a 3d space sim (a much more long-term
project.....).. anyway....  i`ve had no problems so far coding the
graphics and main game engine in C using SVGALib, however i now have
come to a point where i want to add music and sound effects.   The
question is  HOW!!!!!  i looked at OSS but it doesn`t actually do
multichannel mixing (as far as i could see anyway), i need to at least
be able to play a few sound effects at once, altough i would rather play
a 4 channel mod and some sound effects.....  coding for DOS you can use
the MIDAS or JUDAS sound systems which can deal with the
loading/playing/mixing of music and sounds... is there anything like
this for Linux???  speed is my major concern.....  i really do not care
about compatibility with other Unixes, just Linux on x86`s really.....

do i have to code my own mixing routines or what???

thanks for your time...