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Re: guide for (future) hardcore linux gamers

Dennis Payne <dulsi@identicalsoftware.com> writes:

>> I'd like to throw in an idea: to write a guide for people who would eventually
>> want to get the best out of their machines for gaming. This would mean that a
>> set of scripts would be written which would i.e. disable stuff like fetchmail
>> and other networking stuff. Fetchmail was mentioned here before (I'm not sure
>> whether it was agreed on it being disturbing during gameplay though:).
> Otherwise I just don't know how usefull such a thing would be.  In general
> you simply want as little output from "ps" as possible. 

What about a 'init 1' and run the game in single user mode? I newer
tested it, but maybe it could work on a non networking machine. Of
course on a multi user system it is impossible.
A more practical soltution could be to turn off all/some background jobs
with /etc/init.d/*


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