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Re: Civ:CTP

I was at Loki a few weeks ago and told scott about this list, so Sam or
him might be on it.  My favorite questions to ask them is what they think
of 'warez' and if they are afraid of that.  


> Just wanting to let you all know I finally got ahold of it here in Europe.
> Went to bed at 5am this morning. ;-)
> Anyway, there was a _great_ Loki interview in Linux Journal last month,
> perhaps we should link that from our site? (dunno if the article is on-line
> as well, I read it in print).
> Also, I'm still all for our own Loki interview (perhaps together with
> Slashdot, they want more features and we could get a lot of extra promo by
> doing such a feature together).
> Looking forward to Railroad Tycoon II for Linux. =)
> Grtz, Rob
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