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Where to turn?

I am not in this list so please send a copy of your answeres to me at tomas.forsman@kramnet.com.
For starters I am not a programmer or even a Linux user (yet).
Some time ago I came up with an idea for an online game. Fantasy rpg. I mentioned it to a programmer and he was as hooked as I on the idea. Unfortionally he is hooked up for quite some time in another game project.
The idea kept growing and I kept scribbling down notes and now it has grownd to be quite big.
Recently I was reading up on what happened in the Linux community and was thrilled to say the least. It hit me that a game of this propotion (big) would be very suitable for the growing Linux community. The problem is that I have no idea where to turn for help. All programmers I know is windows programmers and game companies that develope linux games are quite few.
This is not a small project and if it is started it will take a big effort to make work but if it does it would be something out of the ordinary.
So my search for good programmers willing to take on a big project goes on.
Any help is highly appreciated.
With regards