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Re: Call For Articles

Paul Tiseo wrote:

> Well, it's been a while since we have seen new articles, so I am issuing a
> call for new articles before the momentum we managed to garner begins to
> fizzle out. Please, think about something or ask someone you think should
> write to do so.
> I do wish that sunsite would get someone to look into the problem but I
> have been unable to rouse anyone to get serious about it. The only one who
> seems to pay attention has been away on vacation and will be back sometime
> this week.
> We shall see. I'll bug them until they go nuts... :) What's strange is
> that they've been pretty helpful until the last month or so...

If you are looking for a more responsive "home" for all this stuff, you
try www.woodsoup.org (where all my OpenSource stuff lives).  The
sysdamin guy
there is the most helpful guy you could imagine. Provided there is
zero commercial content, it's a free service with no nasty 'gotchas', no
no nothing. You get a full shell account and he'll let you have more
disk space
than you'd be likely to need. The servers there are fast enough to
survive a full-scale "slashdotting" such as happened when I announced my
Tux_AQFH game.

So, if you'd like, surf over to www.woodsoup.org and fill out the online
request form.

Steve Baker                  http://web2.airmail.net/sjbaker1
sjbaker1@airmail.net (home)  http://www.woodsoup.org/~sbaker
sjbaker@hti.com      (work)