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Re: Beta Version - Please help

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> "Philipp Gühring" wrote:
> It's pretty hard to learn how to use autoconf/automake well - you need
> to read the full manuals from their respective web sites.  Each is about
> thirty pages long.

The hardest thing about autoconf/automake is IMHO to get a basically
framework to compile, if that its done it is not to hard to change/add
the things which are needed by the game. I personally find it much
more comfortable using autoconf/automake than writing Makefile's myself.
>>> * Please, transate the source files, the comments, variables and
>>>   which is the most important the game itself to english, I hate
>>>   german ;-)
>> Ok, I will do it.

> I think you should keep it in your native language. We English speakers
> should not impose ourselves on the speakers of other languages...

Have you noticed my email address grumbel@gmx.de <- I am a native
german speaker :-)                            ^^ 
English it not that difficult, even and English comment with lots of
mistakes will be more helpfull than in an language the programmer
can't understand.

> I'd have to agree that you'll get a lot of people asking for
> translation.

here a short quote from the GNU Coding Standards:

|   Every program should start with a comment saying briefly what it is
| for.  Example: `fmt - filter for simple filling of text'.
|    Please write the comments in a GNU program in English, because
| English is the one language that nearly all programmers in all
| countries can read.  If you do not write English well, please write
| comments in English as well as you can, then ask other people to help
| rewrite them.  If you can't write comments in English, please find
| someone to work with you and translate your comments into English.

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