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Hello, I'd like to submit this article to your website.
I represent Altered Software, a new startup that has formed an alliance with a major gaming house to port their PC based game to the Linux platform.  Hopefully this will be the begining of many new titles being available to Linux users of all kinds.
"Altered Software is looking for a few talented Linux programmers to help out a new startup company base in Raleigh NC.  This new company deals primarily on bringing new gaming titles to the Linux platform.  For the initial production phase all work will be volunteer.  However, those selected few will be offered co-founder positions which includes entitlement to stock options (if we IPO).   To give some reassurance that for your hard work and effort you will be rewarded, we are currently in partnership with one major gaming house and persuing another aggressivly.   Initial projections expect high revenue, as we ramp up to make the commercial announcment into the market. (Date of announcment yet to be determined.)  If you are intererested in getting in on the ground floor of a very new market please get in touch with me. degore@ipass.net
Please place in your subject, "CEO Rael Mussell - responding to Help Wanted ad at LGDC."
I look forward to hearing from you.
"All interested parties will be required to sign NDA prior to full disclosure regarding nature of business and comercial allies to protect all parties interested under contractual agreement."

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