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Re: Call For Articles

On Mon, Aug 16, 1999 at 08:20:27PM -0400, Paul Tiseo wrote:
> 	Well, it's been a while since we have seen new articles, so I am issuing a
> call for new articles before the momentum we managed to garner begins to
> fizzle out. Please, think about something or ask someone you think should
> write to do so.

Okay.. "10 Questions to Loki"

Mostly development related, and hopefully _new_ questions, not the ones we've
seen answered so far. Feel free to edit/add/comment before we try and get
the answers (any Loki guys on the list.. close your eyes for now ;-)

1) Why do you think Linux game development has a future? Did the install
   base increase enough for you to make profit or is it simply because the
   install base consists mostly of game playing geeks?

2) Do you expect more companies such as Loki to appear? Apparently your port
   of Civ:CTP was very easy and succesful, so you must expect some

3) Which SDL's did you study to be used in Civ:CTP? Why did some of them
   make it and others not? Do you think this area of Linux game development
   needs much improvement?

4) You probably also have noticed the increase of semi-high quality games
   for Linux made by the 'regular' coders. Are there any plans to develop a
   game together with them in addition to the ports Loki makes?

5) Is Loki planning to improve on, and then send back, more open-source
   libraries to be used for gaming and multimedia in general?

Um, that's 5. Couldn't come up with 10 myself so soon. Anyone?

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