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Re: Beta Version - Please help


[checking for input without blocking]
On Tue, 17 Aug 1999, Philipp Gühring wrote:
> I am using neither X nor console, I am using ggi. And as far as I
> remember, there is a gii function which tells me whether there are
> things ...

ggiEventsQueued(), ggiEventPoll(), and relatives.

> But I just don´t want to understand, why there is no glibc function
> or whatever, which is usable everywhere, in X, in console, ...

AFAIK, you can use select() to do this.

> which tells me whether there is a charakter waiting in the buffer.
> I don´t want to have to use gii or ncurses (which has a kbhit too, i
> think) only to use that simple thing.

If you use GGI, you'll have to use gii-style input anyway, so I don't
understand why you're looking for a kbhit() function somewhere else.