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Re: Call For Articles

Paul Tiseo <ptiseo@mediaone.net> writes:

> Well, it's been a while since we have seen new articles, so I am
> issuing a call for new articles before the momentum we managed to
> garner begins to fizzle out. Please, think about something or ask
> someone you think should write to do so.

I have just started to write a small tutorial on how to install a game into
the filesystem hierarchy, according to the FHS
(http://www.pathname.com/fhs/2.0/fhs-toc.html), since thing are
handled very different than under DOS/Windows that IMHO could be usefull
for somebody. It will cover the following topics:

* Which files are used by a game
* Where to put these files
* How to handle extra levels and add ons
* How to handle cdrom data
* How to get this to work with automake/autoconf
(Anything important I missed)

A first draft is placed at:


Comments are welcome!


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