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More Loki questions

Okay, I made 5 more questions. If everyone is happy with the previous five
and these one we/I can send them to Loki. I've tried to make them about game
development so they suit the LGDC. If I missed out on some important issues
let me know.

6) You were able to convince Activision to let you make a Linux port of
   their game. How hard was that to do? What should Linux users do to get
   more games ported other than buying the ones that have been? Do you think
   petitions and requests will work?

7) Do you think there will be a time that companies like Loki will no longer
   be necessary because the software houses have their own Linux developers
   working on releases?

8) If you had to praise and critisize one area of Linux (game) development,
   what would they be?

9) Which games are on your wishlist to be ported, if any?
10) Do you have any advice for Linux game developers creating their own game
    or making a port/clone?

Grtz, Rob
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