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Re: Call For Articles

Steve Baker wrote:

> Bert Peers wrote:
> > I've been thinking about an article on how to write a simple GUI
> > for a game.  Motif, Qt, GTK is probably out of the question for
> > most games, breaking the look-and-feel, or maybe even simply
> For OpenGL, you can use my PLIB library which has a fairly
> complete GUI (written using OpenGL for the rendering) that
> can be rendered on top of the game screen.

Hehe, this sounds like a strategy for world domination : whenever
anybody ponders the idea of explaining how to write your own GUI,
you quickly point those would-be authors to PLIB ?... :^)

Ok, seriously, I'm just addicted to GUI systems and have been
browsing GTK, Qt etc, written some of my own GUIs, scriptable
and all, and thought it would be nice to explain some of this.
You might have a point though that given the existence of some
(game oriented, like PLIB) GUIs already, I might be talking to
a 3 peeps and a dog audience... hm...

> It probably wouldn't be too hard to hack the rendering layer
> of PLIB's GUI to make it use X or libSVGA if that's what you
> wanted...but my interests lie only in OpenGL since I think
> that's the future of all game graphics under Linux.

Yeah, I've been thinking about building a GUI that delegates all
rendering work using a bridge or whatever, but I'm not sure
about performance and resource management yet.


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