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Re: Call For Articles

Andres Tarallo wrote:

> >> Our lug is quite large, over one hundred members...
> >
> ><snigger> Large?  NTLUG (to which I belong) has 1550 members! ...But
> >then everything is bigger in Texas  :-)

>             I live in a country with 3.000.000 habitants,  we're about 150
> miles ago from Bouenos Aires (Argentina) and 250 miles ago of the nearest
> brazilian city of respectable size. The linux user group of Buenos Aires has
> about 10 members, Santa Maria in Brazil more ore less the same.

Wow!  Texas has about 20 million people - so about one person out of
13,000 belongs to NTLUG, you are managing one person out of every
still pretty good though...I bet as a fraction of installed computer
you are WAY bigger.

>         For a small country, were we do little promotion, and without a
> UNIX tradition (Uruguay is not a traditional UNIX country)  we're large.


> PD: You said that everithing is large in texas?

(It's an expression that Texans seem very fond of - I'm British by

> You'd better take your next holiday trip to brazil ;) ))

That's always been a dream of mine...is that in invitation?  :-)

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