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AW: Call For Articles

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> Betreff: Re: Call For Articles
> Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com> writes:
> > We have a game we packaged in RPM format and we wanted to know how we
> > could make a "small download" that was okay with the RPM database. I
> > mean, I could make a tar.gz with an update script, but if you then did
> > an "rpm -V", it would scream at the "corrupted" files...
> Don't know how to handle that, anybody with some rpm knowlege? The
> easiest solution could be to patch the old rpm directly and than
> reinstall it, because that will avoid the need to play arround in the
> directory tree.
> > A mini-tutorial on how to do a proper installation script for .tar.gz
> > binary distributions would be nice too...
> But an installation script isn't that important if you have a tar.gz,
> since most people should know how to handle this, since elsewere they
> wouldn't been able to extract the tar.gz to get the install script ;-)
> And I personaly don't like install scripts, since you have to do the
> work twice, extract the file, then run the script and the script will
> places the files in their directories, a simple:
> $ cd /usr/local
> $ tar xzf ~/GAME-bin.tar.gz
> Doesn't look that difficult.
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