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Re: Beta Version - Please help

"Philipp Gühring" wrote:
> > * You could try using autoconf/automake for the source, that would give
> >   it a more standard lock and feel while compiling and installing
> >   (not really important, but I like that ;-)
> Where can I find information how to do it? I looked through the
> manpages, but that wasn´t very helpful.

It's pretty hard to learn how to use autoconf/automake well - you need
to read the full manuals from their respective web sites.  Each is about
thirty pages long.

However, (as I found to my cost) when a lot of people download your game
and try to build it, the time spent in learning automake/autoconf will
be more than repayed in the time it saves you in answering stupid user
questions and figuring out why it won't build on their machines.

> I will try it with kdevelop.

Dunno what that is - but sticking with autoconf/automake is really
IMHO - it may not be a perfect system - but it's close to becoming THE
STANDARD WAY to build source distributions for things like games.
> > * You are doing lots of wired things in the source files, for
> >   example, stuff like:
> >
> >    #include "musik/musik.cpp"
> >    ...
> >   All these *.cpp files should be seperated in *.h and *.cpp, while
> >   the *.h's are included, the *.cpp would be compiled to object
> >   files (g++ -c) and then later linked all together
> Yes, I know. They call it modularization. :)
> But I developed my own system which is called Test-Include Files.
> Those *.cpp Files are compileable on their own, and provide a simple
> test system. I described the system in my article about the Dialog
> language.

You will certainly confuse the heck out of autoconf/automake - and this
highly non-standard approach will generate lots more dumb questions!

If there is one thing that I have learned from my first OpenSource
game project it is that good source/build organization pays for itself
ten times over in cutting down the volume of email you'll get flooded
with after release.
> > * Please, transate the source files, the comments, variables and
> >   which is the most important the game itself to english, I hate
> >   german ;-)
> Ok, I will do it.

I think you should keep it in your native language. We English speakers
should not impose ourselves on the speakers of other
I'd have to agree that you'll get a lot of people asking for

Babelfish can be your friend!

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