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Re: Beta Version - Please help

Philipp Gühring <e_source@enemy.org> writes:

> I would like to announce the first Beta version of the Linux version
> of Würstelstand, a trading simulation.

> This archive is about 4.2 MB big.
> It is tested with a Pentium with SuSE 6.2.

> It currently needs a 8 Bit (256 Color) X-Server.
> It needs ggi and mikmod.
> Any patches, bugreports, critics are welcome.

I had a short look at it yesterday, for now my comments are:

 * The permissens of the most files are wrong, lots of *.txt and
   source files are set executable

 * The files contain letters in the wrong encoding (recode is your

 * You could try using autoconf/automake for the source, that would give
   it a more standard lock and feel while compiling and installing
   (not really important, but I like that ;-)

 * A 'make install' target would be nice (automake would give you that 
   and a lot more ;-)

 * You are doing lots of wired things in the source files, for
   example, stuff like:

    #include "musik/musik.cpp"
   All these *.cpp files should be seperated in *.h and *.cpp, while
   the *.h's are included, the *.cpp would be compiled to object
   files (g++ -c) and then later linked all together

 * Please, transate the source files, the comments, variables and
   which is the most important the game itself to english, I hate
   german ;-) 

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