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Re: Call For Articles

Philipp Gühring <e_source@enemy.org> writes:

> What do you think of using /opt/$GAME instead of /usr/games ?

To make it short, I hate /opt. I only use /opt for stuff which does
not fit under /usr, because it uses plane wired path configurations,
for example stuff like blender, StarOffice, etc.
So if you create a game, why not putting it under /usr? If your on the 
user site and want to install a game and you cannot install it under
/usr/ because your out of disk space or you don't have root access,
you can still it where ever you want (if you are compiling from
source), something like './configure --prefix=/opt/$GAME' should
help. If the game handles the things right it will find its stuff
without problems (the install path will be hardcoded into the binary),
if your using a binary version, you will have no other way of setting
an enviroment variable or linking the files to the correct directory,
so that the game finds it stuff.

BTW: How does CIV:CtP handles the directories, installation,
     packaging, libc5/libc6 throuble, etc.?

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