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Christoph Reichenbach wrote:

> Of course, the problem with GSDKs is that they don't write games themselves.
> So, game developers need to be convinced to port their games. This isn't easy;
> but it would work if development on the older GSDKs would stop in favour of the
> new one.

I have solved that in two ways:

1) Written my own game - to demonstrate the viability of the library.
2) Worked with other games developers to add features that they need.

> And this is the real problem: It would work only if a large number of GSDK
> developers would agree to drop work on their libraries in favor of the
> "unified" one now. But I suppose that most of them either believe that
> unification isn't worth the trouble, or that it'll never work.

...or they believe that this unification will mean all the other code
being added into their master-work!

This is as much a matter of ego as anything. Sad though it is to say,
why is ANYONE writing code for free and giving it away?  Ego.

So, if anyone wants to start a grand-unified GSDK, I'll be happy to
contribute - but I don't hold out a great deal of hope that we'd
achieve anything other than to add yet one more to the cacophony.

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