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Re: Why code your own library?

> UClient (from the WorldForge project) for example also offers the
> possibilty to download the missing libs with 'wget'. I think thats
> very user friendly.

Thank you, it is meant to be that way :) (If you don't have wget, it will
use lynx. If you don't have either, it just tells you the url). Any ideas
for further improving the script would be greatly appreciated.

> > Clanlib itself has all sorts of ansi colors in it's configure/make
> I know, should they be removed? They look nice but cause some throuble
> if you compile under emacs.

The WorldForge build system will soon be *cough* themeable :) However it
is only optional, for people who get a kick out of bizarrely colored
configure scripts...

$ ./configure --enable-theme=dark-metal

Any other project wishing to use the WorldForge acinclude.m4 for their own
build system is encouraged; there are examples of its use scattered
through the WorldForge cvs. Any patches to it, also, would be gratefully
accepted :)