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Re: libmikmod woes..

> > The shame of all this is that there was/is an effort to build one
> > STANDARD game library (The Linux GSDK project) - I joined that at
> > the outset - but they wasted so much time discussing and discussing
> > what should be done that I gave up working with them and went my
> > own way.  That was about 3 years ago - and they *still* don't have
> > anything like a usable and reasonably complete game library...I have
> > four major games using mine.
> >
> WHy do ppl always want to create new "standards" thigns even when there
> is allready something out there that can do the job just as well, if not
> better than things allready written. Of course, I'm talking of the SDL,
> which is the only library I know of to make it into commercial Linux
> games. SO why bother re-inventing the wheel?

We aren't reinventing the wheel! We are using SDL! Our library is
supposed to add funtions to SDL and not to replace it. SDL is the
greatest 2D library out there.