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Re: libmikmod woes..

> > > Hey, it's not like you'd be making money for every game that uses it!
> > > :-)
> > >
> > > Actually, I like it: it gives me ideas as for what new features I could
> > > put in our library. (we already have "no lag" audio, tho) :-)
> >
> > Why should everyone code his own library?
> Well, I agree that it's horribly wasteful - but your reaction is the
> same as everyone else's:  "Stop working on your library and work on
> mine instead!"
I stopped working on my library and joined this project!

> I'm at the state where there are already four pretty major game
> developments using PLIB - so I really can't switch tracks without
> pissing off a lot of people. There are over 80 people subscribed to
> the 'developers' mailing list for PLIB (maybe 10% of those are active
> developers) - there are ~150 people subscribed to the 'users' list.
This library was just an example! They could join your library, too. I
just wanted to say that not EVERYONE has to code his own library! I
think 30 SDKs are sufficent, but now there are hundreds!