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Re: libmikmod woes..

Mark Collins wrote:
> I mean, do my own transformations, texture mapping and rendering, own
> depth sorting, HSV etc etc

WHAT!  Your applications would end up running only in software, even
the crappiest 3D card will run ten times faster.

> Maybe when there is more support for HW acceleration under Linux I'll use
> it, but until then, current APIs just don't cut the mustard.

Well, there is now Mesa support for four out of the five remaining 3D
manufacturers - with the fifth coming REAL SOON NOW.

I think you can stop worrying.  OpenGL/Mesa is here to stay.
My game was implemented on Voodoo-1 and runs on
G200,G400,Permedia-2,TNT,TNT-2,Rage....it doesn't run on Intel 3D chips
- but
they are now out of the business.  That doesn't leave many others

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