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Re: Call For Articles

Pierre Phaneuf <pp@ludusdesign.com> writes:

> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> Where $installdir would be something like /home/pp/quadra-1.0.2 or
> /opt/quadra-1.0.2. No need to have
> /opt/quadra-1.0.2/share/games/quadra-1.0.2/quadra.res when
> /opt/quadra-1.0.2/share/quadra.res would do.
Would that be worth the effort? I'd would look nice, but who is going
to look at the directory structure of a installed game?

>> You could still maintain different files, a RPM, a tar.gz, a debian
>> package, etc. But that is real work, a simple tar.gz which generates
>> the other throu a install script could be interessting.
> There's also a question of disk space on our web server. And work for me
> too.

Of course, maintaining all different files requires a lot of work and
creating them all your self is very difficult, a install script could
be interessing for binary distros.

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