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Re: libmikmod woes..

Pierre Phaneuf wrote:
> Steve Baker wrote:
> > I could say the same of mine and a half dozen others.
> >
> > > http://www.angelfire.com/va/powerpakgsdk/
> >   http://www.woodsoup.org/projs/plib/
> >
> >   Let's compare: GUI - check, Sound - check, Input - check, 3D - check.
> >   Portable to: Linux - check, Windoze - check, a few others - check.
> Multiple windows? Good/fast 2D support? Neither has *both* (I think,
> feel free to illuminate me).

Multiple windows *are* handled by GLUT (upon which PLIB more or less
depends) - 2D support IS within PLIB (although it is really for 3D
games). Just use OpenGL (2D is just a special case of 3D after all).
OpenGL does 2D exactly as fast as it does 3D...which is to say: VERY
fast if you have hardware 3D - VERY slow if you don't.

Sprite-based 2D games run INCREDIBLY fast using OpenGL with 3D hardware,
in addition to which you get sprite rotation and scaling for free.

A recent survey on Linux Game Tome (happypenguin.org) showed that
something like 70% of Linux games players have hardware 3D...good
enough for me.

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