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Re: Why code your own library?

>I wonder if you could write a netscape plugin that would run the
>script automatically when you clicked on it?  Then, getting a game
>would be *JUST* a matter of clicking on a link to the autoget
>script.  One mouse click game installation!

Ok. This will sound completly lame and windows solution,
but what about a program that changes a tarball into a
self extracting executable? If this becomes a standard,
new game makers could use it instead of figuring out
how to do their own installation process and concentrate
in making the game. Now hold your flames. I'm not saying
that people should start using it instead of grabbing a deb,
slp, rpm, tgz package. I meant to use it as some kind of
non-related-statically-linked-package or a closed source
project. In short, something very specific that does not go
with normal packages. That would surely solve the dumb
users problem. Now, for normal Linux users, maybe this
program could transform itself into a simple tarball. You
can flame me now. :P

Pedro Medeiros.