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Re: Why code your own library?

Steve Baker <sjbaker1@airmail.net> writes:

> Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>> For example take another lib, ClanLib, its acctually is on SuSE and
>> debian(unstable), RPM's for redhat are also available, there are still
>> some distros which don't include it, but that mostly because its still
>> under development or the games using it are under develepment, same
>> for PLib.
> What it takes to get a library on a distro is GAMES.  None of the
> distributors has said "Steve: Can we put PLIB on our distro?" they
> all said "Steve: Can we put Tux_AQFH on our distro?"...which means
> they also have to provide PLIB...ditto for FlightGear. 

Yep, correct. I had the same with Pingus (which is on SuSE 6.2),
therefore ClanLib also had to be on SuSE (its acctually included in the Pingus
package, but I hope they will change that in the next release).
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