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Re: Why code your own library?

>> like sharutils? if I recall, shar will gzip or ncompress all the
>> files to be put in the distribution, uuencode them, and generate
>> one large ksh script (that also works on bsh and bash and probly
>> zsh), stores the md5sums to verify itself, and still be plenty
>> hackable for special install stuff, maybe dependancy checking. It
>> can also create multiple archives of one 'package'.  Unfortunantly,
>> since they're uuencoded, they're a bit bigger than a binary archive
>> like an rpm.

> If it looks good, why isn't it popular?

Maybe, because the most linux users in the past few years were able to type
'rpm -i foo.rpm' or 'tar xzf bar.tar.gz', therefor no need for windows
like self extracting stuff? And the problem with the linux hype is
relativly new, like linux games in general.