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Re: an article?

<ahienola@mist.helsinki.fi> writes:

> I have been surfing the net a while now and I can't really find a good,
> versatile comparison of different graphics libraries (on UNIX-type
> platforms). I'm not skilled or experienced enough to write one myself, so
> I was hoping, if someone who's reading this, would get an inspiration and
> do it for LGDC. Or if you know about a relatively new publication of this
> subject, please inform me too.

It all matters what you want to do with the gfx library. If you just
want to make graphics and be able to run the application unde X and in
the console, GGI is a good choice. If you want multible windows under X
with menues and all that stuff, gtk is your friend. If you want to
write a 2D game which needs stuff for sound, joysticks, etc. than
ClanLib (C++) or SDL (C) are a good choice. For 3D PLib would be good
or ClanLib (under development) in the future. If you want very special
stuff which is needed for FirstPerson games or similar stuff, than
have a look at CrystalSpace.
As you see it depends on what you wanna do, but be warned don't try
plain X or svgalib, that is IMHO a waste of time.

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