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Re: an article?

> It all matters what you want to do with the gfx library. If you just
> want to make graphics and be able to run the application unde X and in
> the console, GGI is a good choice. If you want multible windows under X
> with menues and all that stuff, gtk is your friend. If you want to
> write a 2D game which needs stuff for sound, joysticks, etc. than
> ClanLib (C++) or SDL (C) are a good choice. For 3D PLib would be good
> or ClanLib (under development) in the future. If you want very special
> stuff which is needed for FirstPerson games or similar stuff, than
> have a look at CrystalSpace.
> As you see it depends on what you wanna do, but be warned don't try
> plain X or svgalib, that is IMHO a waste of time.

As you see, you already made a comparison, although a short one, between
available libraries. What I'm heading at is, that this kind of information
should be offered in a more detailed and widespreaded manner. Not to me
only, but to all other newbie programmers too. And maybe in a few
organized parts.