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Linuxgames update


	Now that I have slept some, here's some news. The database is still not
running for us. Yesterday, I realized that we should try some other host.
Currently, sunsite seems to be having a hard time.

	Steve once offered www.woodsoup.com as a posible location and so I have
contacted them for information which I haven't received back yet. It looks

	One other interesting thing that surfaced is that www.gamedev.com also
offered to host us. In case you haven't been there, they are a site much
like ours. They do tend to focus more on the Win platform and DirectX, but
their goals are similar to ours in that they seek to educate a developer
community. They have many interesting, general-use articles. They are
looking for more linux on their site; apparently they get asked for some by
their readers but don't have time to provide it themselves and found the
LGDC in their search. They get a lot of traffic that we might be able to
leech from.

	We still will have a fully independant site and "look-and-feel". They are
currently hosting three different sites. We could also perhaps use
linux.gamedev.com as an address, I think, which kinda flows well.

	The first negative? It's an NT-based server. They have database
connectivity that we need, using it themselves already. They also have many
implemented features I would like to have  forums, but its all NT. Dave
Astle, current webmaster, has stated that he would not be adverse to
installing PHP3, which has a Windows version. Also, he has expressed that
he originally worked on linux, prefers linux for servers and might soon be
getting a linux box. For now, though, it's NT. That works for me, since I
come from NT, and I have no "patriotic feelings" for either OS. But, I know
it might give some of you indigestion at the very thought of it. :)

	The second? There is advertisement on the site. That might be anathema to
some of you.

	What do you all think?Any other sites that I should look into?

Paul Tiseo