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Re: Linuxgames update

Though I'm just a junior (read: "new") member, I thought I'd contribute
my $0.02:

Besides the obvious issue of server stability, I think the most
important things to consider are whether the folks to do the site have
the tools they need to do their work and that the sysadmin is helpful
and easily accessible.  From what you've mentioned, it sounds like these
won't be problems.  (I discovered the importance of this recently when I
tried to webmaster a large site hosted on a SUN box that only had
Netscape Enterprise Server, ksh, vi, Perl, and tar installed on it--not
even gzip or auto*!  And configure --prefix didn't work, either....Not

It looks to me that even being on an NT box would be better than the
setup you've got now at Sunsite.  That, combined with the hostname
recognition and possible advertising revenues, makes this sound like a
pretty good deal.  :-)

>         I was thinking this would be great for us. We could use the money to
> purchase prizes for us to give away to those who participate in contest we
> could hold. It might be a way to further motivate people to wqrite for the
> LGDC. I was thinking of something along the lines of programming contests
> and such.

	I'd like to suggest an alternative contest: a documentation/article
one.  It looks like there's a good deal of code out there, but a dearth
of good docs.  (As the discussion over the last two weeks as shown.) 
Why not encourage people to write stuff by holding a competition where
the person who writes the most high-quality documentation gets a reward
of some sort?  Some topics in need of good docs could be suggested;
there could also be categories (e.g. tutorials, reviews, etc.)--you get
the idea.  This might help to increase the "robustness" of the site's
content.  :-)

	Btw, a big "thank you" to everyone who works on maintaining the site
and this list.  Keep up the good work!  :-)