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Re: Greetings from Sweden

Paul Tiseo wrote:

>>Sorry that Ive been s quiet, but one of my ISDN cables died just when I
>>wanted to send the goodbye mails and it was too late to fix it.
>>I just collected my mails, but I might not be able to get net access
>>again while Im away. But you all know what do do ;)
>>(PS: Paul, I saw the announcement of the Parsec tutorials on the news
>>page, but didnt find them in the Tutorials section. Is this ok? (I just
>>had a very quick look)).
>	Well, these were written and posted on another site. The items in the news
>were direct links. This brings up the issue of "Should we carry links to
>tutorials and articles posted elsewhere whose lifetimes are outside of our

I'd say link to them (marking them as extarnal) and ask the author(s) if we
can make a local backup copy (just in case).


Yup, I'm back again and struggling with my inbox ;)


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