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Cool !  I can post again to the list :)

Here's a re-send of something I tried to mention a while ago.

--begin paste--
Subject:              [OT] Open source sound library
From:              Seumas McNally <longbow@longbowdigitalarts.com>

FYI, I just heard from the author that the SEAL audio library
(Windows, Linux, BeOS) has just been made Free Software under the
LGPL.  We used it for DX-Ball 2, and have been pretty happy with it.
I'll probably use it as the 2D audio fallback for Tread Marks
now, too.  It plays .MOD, .S3M, and .XM music modules, and is
generally easy to use.  It also supports both DirectSound and
WaveOut under Windows.
--end paste--

I've been trying to get that file for review, but it times out all the
time, it's probably behind some obscure 2400 baud or something :(


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