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Re: tutorial request

On 10 Aug 1999, Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
> in fullscreen, of course that is possible with DGA. But X11 is just to
> complicated to be used directly, I have seen a lot of games which only
> run in 8bit, run only in a window or doing other nasty things. This
> <other stuff about x11 programming being to complicated to program in>

well, my two cents are that x11 isn't that bad to program in.  i don't 
know about you guys, but i always feel a little quesy when using other 
libraries that are extremely portable, but extremely generic, so they 
might not always do things the fastest they could.  anyway, i've been 
doing a little programming with mesa/opengl and the glx extension, and i 
haven't found it too difficult.  plus all that stuff about switching to 
full screen can be done fairly easily with glx (though i think as its 
implemented now it might be on the slow side...not really sure about that).

or you can always use glut, and thats _really_ easy to use.  thats what 
that wipeout clone uses..i think its called xracer.

so more tutorials about glx/mesa/opengl/glut would be very cool.