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Re: tutorial request

amc45@cornell.edu writes:

> On 10 Aug 1999, Ingo Ruhnke wrote:
>> in fullscreen, of course that is possible with DGA. But X11 is just to
>> complicated to be used directly, I have seen a lot of games which only
>> run in 8bit, run only in a window or doing other nasty things. This
>> <other stuff about x11 programming being to complicated to program in>
> well, my two cents are that x11 isn't that bad to program in.  i don't 
> know about you guys, but i always feel a little quesy when using other 
> libraries that are extremely portable, but extremely generic, so they 
> might not always do things the fastest they could.

How course their is allways the possibility that you could do a
special thing a bit faster than a generic libary, but that must not be 
the case. Its the same as with assambler if you know what your doing
you can probably get some more speed, but the chances are good that
some simple C source will do the same, more comfortable and faster,
because your assembler was not as good as you thought. You also whould 
wast lots of time to get the code to work on all platforms or color
depth you want. A generic libary can save you time and is probably
even faster.

> anyway, i've been doing a little programming with mesa/opengl and
> the glx extension, and i haven't found it too difficult.

Agree, I meant 2D games with 3d games the thing looks a little
different. Since Mesa/Glut/co. will do most of the init stuff,
which cause lots of throuble with simple 2D games.

> or you can always use glut, and thats _really_ easy to use.  thats what 
> that wipeout clone uses..i think its called xracer.

Yes, correct. Glut is very nice, but lacks at the moment some feature
(complete joystick support, etc.).

> so more tutorials about glx/mesa/opengl/glut would be very cool.

Yep, agree.


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