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Re: Linuxgames update

Paul Tiseo wrote:
>	Now that I have slept some, here's some news. The database is still not
>running for us. Yesterday, I realized that we should try some other host.
>Currently, sunsite seems to be having a hard time.

Changing servers is a very drastic step. And I also don't like
changing from an open, educational institution to a commercial entity
(we had that discussion already in the thread about our own domain
name). Please let's first see if we can resolve the problems with sunsite.
Aside from the recent responsiveness problems they provide really
*excellent* hosting, and they always tried to be helpful.

I'll send them a mail now, asking what we can honestly expect in terms of
responsiveness. Please let's wait until we know more here.

>	Steve once offered www.woodsoup.com as a posible location and so I have
>contacted them for information which I haven't received back yet. It looks
Er, responsiveness problem ?? ;)

>offered to host us. In case you haven't been there, they are a site much
>like ours. They do tend to focus more on the Win platform and DirectX, but
>their goals are similar to ours in that they seek to educate a developer
>community. They have many interesting, general-use articles. They are
>looking for more linux on their site; apparently they get asked for some by

*If* we change to another host, one featuring other gamedev things would be
preferable, yes.


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