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Re: This list

Steve Baker wrote:

>> At 04:24 PM 8/28/99 +0200, you wrote:
>> >What about automatically adding [LGDC] to the subject line? I don't know
>Can I echo the need for this - it makes reading mail a lot more

Depends. Some time ago there was a similar discussion on the GGI mailing
list, and finally they decided against it. The problem is that, while
adding such a prefix makes it easier to recognize LGDC mails, it also makes
the subject line longer and moves the important information to the right
end. Now when people use a textmode mail client (common) or have a low
screen resolution some of the subject line is clipped away. And with a
prefix this part is even larger.

The resolution the GGI people found was that using procmail is actually
quite easy to use. Here's my .forward:

"| exec /usr/bin/procmail"

and my .procmailrc:








That takes all mails coming from the LGDC list (yup, the "TO" is correct,
have a look at some list mail's header) and adds them to the "linuxgames"
folder. The mails that were sent to linuxgam@ still go to my private inbox
($DEFAULT) because they are usually written by people not subscribed to the
list and I want to clearly recognize these.



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