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A site suggestion.

First, the accolade.  I really like the LGDC site.  I use it as my homepage
at work, so I can see if anything new is up first thing every morning.  Keep
up the good work.

Second, my situation.  I've got a laptop that I use at work and at home.  At
work, the network card hooks me up to the Wide Wide World very nicely, but
I'm supposed to be doing work.  At home, the Winmodem that came with my
laptop doesn't allow me to fool around with code and hook up to the internet
very conveniently at the same time.

So, my suggestion:  I'd like to see your tutorials as downloadable packages.
Html, still branded with LGDC logos and whatnot, just all relative addresses
so it can unpack in tutorials/LGDC and still all work right.  That, or have
a separate, easily printable page with all the text of a given tutorial.
I'd rather not waste the paper, though.  And if you wanted suggestions on
which one to do first, the one on which files go where when you're
installing a game is the one I'd download first.

Anyway, thanks for your time.

Steve Wright