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Re: dynamic libs example code

> > Hmm, I don't know what article you refer to, but making shared libraries
> > is not difficult. Basically you need to make sure the code is compiled
> > with the switch '-fpic' and the library is finally linked with the switch
> > '-shared'. Such as:
> >
> > gcc -fpic -c Part1.c
> > gcc -fpic -c Part2.c
> > gcc -shared -o MyLib.so Part1.o Part2.o -lOtherNeededLib
> I was wondering if anybody could illuminate me about those -fpic
> flags... The man pages are quite cryptic about them. The libraries I
> tried seems to work even *without* this flag (both in regular "-l" usage
> and using dlopen), and anyway, what ARE "large displacement branches"
> (the thing -fPIC is about)?
> When should I use -fPIC rather than -fpic? Depends on the platform? Why
> doesn't it make any difference when I do not use those flags?


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