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Re: This list

I would find it useful, at I get some spam claiming to be from the list,
and it would help filter that out...

for example...

* ^Subject: *\[LGDC\]

* \(From|To|Cc).*linuxgam
Would kill alot of spam where the names were picked up from the list.

On Tue, 31 Aug 1999, Pierre Phaneuf wrote:

> Paul Tiseo wrote:
> >         Would six characters *really* push people's mail program over the
> > edge?
> And would they really be useful? I mean, I read this list thru the
> newsgroup on sunsite, and other mailing lists I read go thru either
> procmail or the Netscape Messenger filters, so I'd be hard-pressed to
> ever find those six caracters anything else than annoying, no?
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