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Need help with sdks.

I started programming my RPG for Linux, but I still
haven't figured out what lib I should use. Reading some
messages from this list, I realized that, although it's a
2D RPG, a 3D SDK would make the job much easier,
because I could use opengl/glide hardware support and
still scale, rotate, alpha-blend etc. How bad would this
game look if I try to run it without hardware acceleration?
Any comments about that? :)

I could use bare Mesa support or a cool SDK, such as
PLIB or Crystal Space. The fact is that I found PLIB
difficult to use in 2D games. I don't even know how to
start. The AC format is used in shareware 3D application
that I'm not willing to download. I don't have time and
diskspace to try every SDK around, so I'm gathering
those that give the most impressive results. But I still
need time to look how each one works.

I found later this page


where there is yet another SDK with tons of features. I
feel completely lost. Any suggestions, please? :)

Pedro Medeiros.