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Re: Need help with sdks.

I'm by no means an expert, but perhaps SDL would work for you?  From
what I've seen on this list, it's supposed to work well for 2D, and Loki
certainly seems to be doing well with it.  (Nice Myth II demo...mmm....)

Here's the homepage: http://www.devolution.com/~slouken/SDL/

Good hunting!

Pedro Medeiros wrote:
> I started programming my RPG for Linux, but I still
> haven't figured out what lib I should use. Reading some
> messages from this list, I realized that, although it's a
> 2D RPG, a 3D SDK would make the job much easier,
> because I could use opengl/glide hardware support and
> still scale, rotate, alpha-blend etc. How bad would this
> game look if I try to run it without hardware acceleration?
> Any comments about that? :)
> I could use bare Mesa support or a cool SDK, such as
> PLIB or Crystal Space. The fact is that I found PLIB
> difficult to use in 2D games. I don't even know how to
> start. The AC format is used in shareware 3D application
> that I'm not willing to download. I don't have time and
> diskspace to try every SDK around, so I'm gathering
> those that give the most impressive results. But I still
> need time to look how each one works.
> I found later this page
> http://www.radix.net/~dunbar/index.html
> where there is yet another SDK with tons of features. I
> feel completely lost. Any suggestions, please? :)
> Pedro Medeiros.

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