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Re: Need help with sdks.

Pedro Medeiros wrote:
> >I'm by no means an expert, but perhaps SDL would work for you?  From
> >what I've seen on this list, it's supposed to work well for 2D, and
> Loki
> >certainly seems to be doing well with it.  (Nice Myth II
> demo...mmm....)
> Hm... SDL is a 2D only SDK, isn't it? I don't know if it would
> let me explore my voodoo card. :)

There are only two API choices for your Voodoo card:

Mesa - (Really just OpenGL)
- clean, portable, runs on
       everything that Linux supports.

GLIDE - Proprietary to 3Dfx - won't ever be available for
       other 3D cards. Somewhat lower level than OpenGL/Mesa.

Don't use GLIDE!

Other SDK's are layered on top of Mesa/OpenGL (eg PLIB) but
in the simple case of a 2D game, I'd stick with raw OpenGL,
it's plenty high enough level for what you'll need.

The trouble *I* have is that whenever I think of writing a 2D
game, it occurs to me that it would take very little extra
to turn it into an orthographic 3D game - and then it's
tempting to give the user the ability to see through his
character's eyes - and then it's a full-blown 3D game!


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