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Re: Need help with sdks.

"Pedro Medeiros" <otavio@linkexpress.com.br> writes:

> I started programming my RPG for Linux, but I still
> haven't figured out what lib I should use. Reading some
> messages from this list, I realized that, although it's a
> 2D RPG, a 3D SDK would make the job much easier,
> because I could use opengl/glide hardware support and
> still scale, rotate, alpha-blend etc. How bad would this
> game look if I try to run it without hardware acceleration?
> Any comments about that? :)

Maybe ClanLib is what you want. It is a high level C++ SDK, its mostly
a 2D SDK (3D is under development), but the nice thing is that your
game can run under different display targets. It can run in the console
using fbdev or svgalib, or you can run it under X11 and it can also
use, and thats probably interesting for you, OpenGL.
The OpenGL support is still under development, but that shouldn't be a
problem, since you can also fall back to X11, for example, if OpenGL
isn't fully working.

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