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Re: Need help with sdks.

>GLIDE - Proprietary to 3Dfx - won't ever be available for
>       other 3D cards. Somewhat lower level than OpenGL/Mesa.
>Don't use GLIDE!

I have ignored this option when I first downloaded
official glide support from 3Dfx. That proprietary lib
pissed me off. :)

>Other SDK's are layered on top of Mesa/OpenGL (eg PLIB) but
>in the simple case of a 2D game, I'd stick with raw OpenGL,
>it's plenty high enough level for what you'll need.

But if I really manage to do something well done on
2D support for OpenGL, I might as well create my
own SDK and launch it just as several other free
SDKs out there. It's fun to create your own 2D api,
but that would make me get trapped in that do-your-
own-sdk cycle that we already talked about.

>The trouble *I* have is that whenever I think of writing a 2D
>game, it occurs to me that it would take very little extra
>to turn it into an orthographic 3D game - and then it's
>tempting to give the user the ability to see through his
>character's eyes - and then it's a full-blown 3D game!

Well, I would like to write a game that could run on
older video cards, so that maybe partial 3D games
will not get too slow, just like SuperNintendo scaling
and rotation in its 2D games.

Pedro Medeiros.