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Re: Need help with sdks.

On Mon, 30 Aug 1999, Pedro Medeiros wrote:

>I started programming my RPG for Linux, but I still
>haven't figured out what lib I should use. Reading some
>messages from this list, I realized that, although it's a
>2D RPG, a 3D SDK would make the job much easier,
>because I could use opengl/glide hardware support and
>still scale, rotate, alpha-blend etc. How bad would this
>game look if I try to run it without hardware acceleration?

Using 3D where 2D would suffice is plain overkill and makes the project
several orders of magnitude less likely to ever be finished... I'd go for
simple 2D presentation using simple icons and instead making sure the
actual game-engine and logic works ok. Design it so that the graphics are
in a clearly separated subsystem, basically just 'viewing' the game scene,
and use a simple but flexible interface between the gfx subsystem and the
game-engine. That makes it easy to replace the 2D engine with a fullblown
3D engine when the time is right.

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