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Re: Write your own lib : the 3D case

> 1) A full game.
> 2) A very configurable game.
> 3) A game engine.
> 4) A game support library.
> 5) A general-purpose sound/graphics/peripheral library.
> 6) Device drivers, X-windows, OpenGL, etc.
> 7) Base OS features.

> However, if you specifically wanted to write a first person
> shooter, you'd find it easier to use Crystalspace than PLIB
> because CS is level (3).
> I guess what I'd like to see is people writing a number of
> level (3) packages for different game genre's using PLIB
> as their lower level infrastucture. Improvements to that
> infrastructure would help everyone.
> I think that's a more healthy way to develop than to take
> an existing level (3) package like CS and try to hack and
> slash at it to make it do something it was never intended
> to do.

Actually, I think the Crystal Space people more of consider it a 3D gerneral purpose engine then a
game engine.  I have seen it said that before, I just now got around to mentioning this. 
CrystalClear's goal is to be a game engine, I think.  Actually, if you goto the project's page on
the crystal Space site, somedoy is working on a 3d sound mixer with Crystal Space.  I am currently
working on a hard to describe project, but I plan to make an RPG with it also.  It is not just
limited to the FPS genre.  That is one general misconception on this mailing list.  I don't see
stuff in it that makes it a lot better for one game genre over another.  They currently are adding
features like Landscaping, and somebody mentioned the interest of a "prefab" world, which would
alow for a Moria like game by having the world developed in segments, and then you just collect
them.  Also, correct me if I am wrong, but when they add the REMPES(or a subset) engine into
Crystal Space, it should givemit enhacnements needed to create something lile more with models.

I think Crystal Space hovers around the 4-5 range on your scale

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