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Re: Write your own lib : the 3D case

Steve Baker wrote:

> My view on this is that there is a continuum between
> a complete game and the raw OS features:
> 1) A full game.
> 2) A very configurable game.
> 3) A game engine.
> 4) A game support library.
> 5) A general-purpose sound/graphics/peripheral library.
> 6) Device drivers, X-windows, OpenGL, etc.
> 7) Base OS features.
> However, if you specifically wanted to write a first person
> shooter, you'd find it easier to use Crystalspace than PLIB
> because CS is level (3).

CS is not only level 3. It is also level 4. CS is now a collection of
which can be used together (level 3) but can also be used seperately.
For example the 3D rasterizer is a seperate component which encapsulates

Direct3D, OpenGL, Glide, or software renderer and is useful on its own.
It is basicly a polygon drawer. A game could be written to use that but
use the CS 3D engine. There are other examples.