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Re: SDL vs GGI

Alexandre Courbot <alexandre.courbot@accesinternet.com> writes:

> I personnally have nothing against high-level games development
> libraries, but there is so many... I would not like to have 10
> differents libraries installed just to play games. That's why I would
> suggest GGI. It has good performances, works both in X and console (plus
> some other weird displays :)) is not too high level and it will be soon
> in all distributions.

If your problem is that the game sdks are not in the distribution
right now, than you maybe right at the moment, but that will
change in the future. And remember if you start your game now, you
will maybe get it in a playable stage in half a year, but than the
distribution may have the SDK on them, who nows.
Just one nice game for each SDK is enough, to bring the SDK onto the

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